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The Management at CAVAS CATALANAS, S.L. (MEPROLIM) believe that our company has consolidated its presence in the market by being competitive, by placing good service and customer satisfaction at the core of our business management policy.

For this reason, we have committed to keeping our Management System up to date, giving the system manager the authority to identify and diagnose problems in quality, environment and workplace safety, and to take the necessary steps to solve them and verify the results.

Committed to a policy of respect for regulations and continuous improvement within a framework of transparency in respect of all our staff, customers and local authorities.

The Management have established General Objectives that are in line with this Policy and that define the optimal desired outcome:

–  Guarantee COMPLIANCE WITH LEGAL REQUIREMENTS and other requirements applicable to the activity carried out.

–  Motivate all staff, developing the skills of each through training and the delegation of functions.

–  Maintain the Management System with the goal of ensuring CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT.

–  Eliminate nonconformities when they arise and establish methods to prevent them from occurring again.

–  Prepare suitable RULES AND PROCEDURES to regulate tasks for which the absence of such rules and procedures may present a risk.

–  Identify and EVALUATE RISKS related to the task and conduct effective monitoring through the establishment and implementation of PREVENTIVE ACTIONS as an effective method to prevent damage and deterioration of any aspect of the management system.

–  Promote and integrate the CULTURE OF SAFETY at all levels of the organisation through constant awareness-raising amongst employees and task-specific TRAINING, so that staff may acquire the necessary skills to carry out their work safely and guarantee that the associated risks are under control.

–  Extend occupational health and safety management to SUPPLIERS, by establishing safety criteria in procurement and subcontracting, guaranteeing compliance with relevant provisions on the coordination of business activities. At the same time, we extend a guarantee to our CUSTOMERS that we will comply with the safety regulations applicable to all cleaning machines, articles and products that we deal in and to the technical assistance services that we provide.

–  Perform a preliminary study, at the very beginning of any new activity, service or process, that will enable us to continuously evaluate, monitor and analyse the impact of our activity on the environment and its effects, so that we may adopt the necessary measures to prevent and eliminate any pollution or emissions into our natural environment.

–  The Management of this company expect each member of the organisation to be responsible for the Management System in his or her work, since each is considered to have the responsibility and the ability to self-monitor their work.

Our ethos is amply demonstrated by both individual and collective actions which help us to achieve our desired objectives and to develop our company image. This ensures a future for all as we continue to focus our business management on continuous improvement and to strive for excellence in all that we do.

The Management must undertake to ensure that this policy is understood and upheld by all and at all levels of the group.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 17 April 2018.

Víctor Lago Varela

Managing Director


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