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Cavas Catalanas, S.L., with C.I.F. (Tax Code) B35011675, is a company based in the Canary Islands that currently has 120 employees.

Our company name was registered in the Canary Islands in December 1969 and we have since built a heritage of which we are proud.

We chose this name for our company because we started out as a wine seller, but we later changed our corporate purpose and have focused for more than 40 years now on cleaning equipment and supplies. We therefore changed our trading name to MEPROLIM (Métodos Profesionales de Limpieza, which means “Professional Cleaning Methods”).

Cavas Catalanas, S.L., as a Canary Island and therefore Spanish company, maintains a firm commitment to the Spanish Constitution and rule of law.

We express our solidarity with all the Catalan people who are suffering from the “senseless” acts of their leaders, which are leading them down a path that benefits no one and we especially support those citizens who believe in the unity of Spain and whose laws and rights as protected by the Constitution are being violated.

Canary Islands, 10 October 2017


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